All rules must be respected at all times while camping at this location. If you or your group violate any of the camp rules you will be escorted off the premisses and you will not receive a refunded for any expenses.

Quiet time begins at midnight. This includes all generators and radios be turned off.
Barbecues are permitted
Pets are permitted if you clean up after them. Please use a kennel or other restraint for them while you are away or if your pet likes to roam
Propane fire pits are permitted with ground barrier between the grass. No campfires, or fireworks
No unauthorized vending or alcohol sales
Underage use of alcohol is strictly prohibited
No illegal drugs or paraphernalia
Large parties are not permitted


⫸ All camping reservations are per Car or RV includes 4 people.

⫸ RV’s spots come with power and access to water. RV can be pumped for an extra charge.

⫸ Add cash at gate, over flow parking $15 a day.

⫸ Check-in time is "any time after 11:00am". Which is the day before the Event.

⫸ Check out time is flexible.

⫸ Your Sage Creek reservation does not include access to the Event Gate.

⫸ Campsite’s vary in size. Spots are all first come first serve.

⫸ Sage Creek Campground reserves the right to charge additional monies to those using or requiring more than the allotted or reasonable camping size spaces.

⫸ Have Reservation printed out or on your device along with the reservation holder ID for a quick and easy check in when you arrive. If reservation is transferred, you will need to have a copy of the original purchaser’s ID to enter the campground.

⫸ Please protect your Sage Creek Online Account password so no one may access and print your reservation. If you suspect someone may access your account you can always change your password online. Please take the responsibility to protect yourself. Reservations are non-refundable and are only for one time use.

⫸ Although we check ID's at the gate the first one to arrive at the gate with printed reservation and proper identification will receive the wristbands along with access to the campground. That reservation will be checked off as completed and no longer available.

⫸ If you wish to camp with your friends, it is best if you arrive together to assure your campsites are in the same area.

⫸ Free ‘Shuttles” provided for Sage Greek campers to and from the Venue.

⫸ Shuttle begins approximately 2 hours before the gates open. We run top and bottom of the hour (or sooner depending on how many are in line) till you all are at the Venue.

⫸ After the show Our Bring home runs about 75 minutes after the last song plays. If you decide to stay longer or decide to go to the other campground you are on your own.

⫸ We have FREE HOT showers.

⫸ Ice available by the bag at the front gate (office $3 bag).

⫸ Espresso stand and pop machines

⫸ Cafe and Bar open most nights

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